Diwali - The Eco-Friendly Way

Diwali - The Eco-Friendly Way


Diwali or Deepavali means a row of lights, or lamps specifically. It signifies the triumph of good over evil, of righteousness over treachery, of truth over falsehood, and of light over darkness
We all know that desi ghee diyas were lit in the entire Ayodhya to welcome LORD RAM on his return. The entire city was rejoicing with colours and lights. But there is no proof that Fire Crackers were used for the same. History does not give any profound evidence that crackers and fireworks were used for this celebration. Bursting crackers was only a custom added later and was then commercialized by various global traders.

As per ancient Indian philosophy, there are five elements are that are believed to be the fundamental constitution of the Universe- Bhūmi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Akash (Space). To keep these gifts of nature intact, one must ensure that the balance of the Universe is maintained. It is said that violence, destruction and stress are bound to prevail when these five elements are intervened with. That could be in form of Global Warming, Frequent Earthquakes, Tsunamis or in widespread diseases like Cancer and many more.

In the present day, we see fireworks have become an essential part of Diwali. What we do not understand that the pollution caused by the firecrackers can be fatal for us and the coming generations. The harmful gases and the fumes are slowly and steadily damaging our environment. So, it is time we give up on such crackers for the benefit of our own selves and celebrate Diwali with either Eco-Friendly Crackers or Green crackers.

Few methods to celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali are

  • If you must, then use either EcoFriendly Crackers (Ahead of Diwali, govt launches eco-friendly crackers to fight air pollution; See Source.
  • You may also use Green crackers. These are crackers which do not emit harmful gases that would cause air pollution.
  • Buy Earthen Lamps or Diyas.
  • Use Natural colors for Rangoli.
  • Diwali Shopping can also be done with Jute bags.
  • Buy bio-degradable plates and glasses for hosting Diwali get-together.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/ahead-of-diwali-govt-launches-eco-friendly-crackers-to-fight-air-pollution/articleshow/71459838.cms

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