Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Gurpurab

Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Gurpurab

The auspicious day which commemorates Guru Nanak's Prakash Utsav is here. This day celebrates the birth of the first Guru of Sikhs in Guru  Nanak. This is one of the most sacred festivals in Sikhism.

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, was born on Puranmashi of Kattak i.e. on the Full Moon (Pooranmashi) of the Indian Lunar Month Katik in the year 1469.  The Sikhs have been celebrating Guru Nanak's Gurpurab around November to mark this day. The celebrations usually commence with Prabhat Pheris or early morning processions that begin at the Gurudwaras and proceed around the localities singing hymns with Puja things.

The day prior to the birthday, a procession, referred to as Nagarkirtan is organized. This procession is led by the Panj Pyaras  or Five Beloved Ones of the Guru. They head the procession carrying the Sikh flag, known as the Nishan Sahib and the  Palanquin of Guru Granth Sahib. They are followed by teams of singers singing hymns along with Puja items like Garlands and Incense sticks and devotees sing the chorus. There are brass bands playing different tunes and 'Gatka' teams display their swordsmanship through various martial arts and as mock battles using traditional weapons. The procession pours into the streets of the town.

On this special occasion, Guru Nanak Gurpurab is celebrated by the Sikh community all over the world with Langar i.e. free community meals.

This is one of the most important festivals as it marks the dawn of a new religion. The celebrations are especially vibrant in North India and regions like Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh are even . All the puja accessories and products to celebrate this festival and devotion is available online @ Divine Sagar.


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