Puja and its Benefits

Puja is the process of reaching out to the Almighty and bringing peace to our Karmic cycles. You may believe in any form of idol or any form of divine energy, but to connect with ourselves and to have a single minded focus, one must create an ambience to divulge in the act of Puja.

Puja, as they say, is in the word itself “PU” means PURIFY or to CLEANSE and “JA” means BIRTH. So as you perform Puja you CLEANSE YOUR BODY, MIND AND INTELLECT.


  • Rejuvenate your energies and the environment around you.
  • For a short period disconnect with the materialistic ways of life and connect yourself to the cosmic world.
  • Surrender your sufferings to the Lord Almighty and attain Peace.
  • Let your house be purified with the Positive Energies.
  • Get Satisfaction.
  • Great way to Discipline yourself and make your Mind Single focused.
  • Increase your Atma Shakti and your Confidence level.
  • Ensure success of your new venture, change in Job.